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Joe Bob and Jim Bob are the Bob Brothers and they are the Buzzard Mountain Boys.  Hailing form the north Georgia mountains, they were born on the northern slope of the Big Buzzard Mountain near the small outlying community of Turners Corner. In fact most folks in that part of Lumpkin County can out-lie anyone around Dahlonega or Blairsville.  They attended school at the Possum Trot Preparatory Academy, graduating Suma De Fracciones.

They developed their highly unorthodox musical skills while tending the liquid corn extraction facilities operated by their pappy.  Their particular style of playing could best be described as marginally inexpensive.  It has been often said of the Bobs, that their music is a lot better than it sounds. These two guys play an amusing selection of Brother Duet, Old-Time music, and early Bluegrass inspired songs, interspersed with enough corny humor to warm your heart and take you back to the days of the traveling minstrels!  Both musicians are residents of Buzzard Mountain and are fixtures in the North Georgia traditional music community.  They are heavily involved in the promotion of Appalachian Music in the region. 

The Bobs specialize in mountain weddings, parties, corporate functions and other private events.  Hog killings, funerals, divorces, and cock fights are all favorites of the Buzzard Mountain Boys.  If you have the money, there is no event too small.  They are also available for festivals and public performances.  See their stellar reviews on the Gigmasters website shown on the home page.

They recently performed at the grand re-opening of the Crimson Moon and the 16th Annual Bear on the Square Mountain Festival.  They regularly appear in and often host the Mountain Music and Medicine Show at the historic Holly Theater and they perform at a variety of public and private events throughout the southeastern US.

Not commonly known is the fact that the Bob brothers were born identical Siamese twins, from different mothers, but were reunited when they went to separate schools together.  They were physically joined at both the hind-ends and the chins, a highly unusual Siamese coupling, occurring in no more than one-in-a-million twin births.

The Bobs stand ready to provide you with lively, humor-filled entertainment and look forward to hearing from you soon.  Please allow two weeks notice for performances so that they can make arrangements with their probation officers for out of county or state travel.