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Jim Bob, considered the purty one of the two brothers, plays a lively fiddle and sets the rhythm with his solid six-string guitar work.  Jim Bob, unfortunately did not finish all 6 grades at the Academy, having to regularly lay out to help old Pap with the goings on at the family liquid corn extraction facility on the northern slope of the Little Buzzard Mountain near Big Slide Hollow.  Jim Bob tended the mash and kept an eye out for uninvited guests.  When someone approached, his primary role was to run down the holler and smile as big as he could to distract them.  Therefore, he became widely known as "Eye Candy Bob" and is still referred to by many in the Turner's Corner community by that moniker.  Other than possum thumpin', Jim Bob has no hobbies to speak of, although he has been known to perform lively, unaccompanied liturgical dance routines in the solitary presence of the family's 1946 Massey Ferguson tractor.

Jim Bob is the chairman of the Bear on the Square Mountain Festival, a charter board member and president of the Georgia Pick and Bow Traditional Music School Program, an advisory board member of the Appalachian Studies Center of NGCSU.

Joe Bob is an accomplished mandolin, guitar, and tenor-banjo player.  His Monroe style mandolin breaks and fiery banjo strumming will set your toes to tapping.  He has played in several bluegrass, old-time and gospel ensembles through the years.  Joe Bob is the Bob brother with all the smarts, having completed his 6th-grade education at the Possum Trot Preparatory Academy up on Buzzard Mountain, under the iron-fisted tutelage of Miss Ona Mae Ledbetter.   Actually, Joe Bob likes to brag that he has a 12th-grade education, reporting the fact that he went "twict".  It has been rumored that Joe Bob can count to thirty-two without having to start over more than once or twice.  His hobbies include chain-pushing relays, whistle pig hide stretching contests, and deer pill carving artistry.  The whole Bob clan is so proud of him.

Joe Bob has served for many years as the VP of the Bear on the Square Mountain Festival heading the Masterclass Workshops.  He also co-stars in and co-produces Dahlonega's own Mountain Music and Medicine Show, staged at the Historic Holly Theater, enjoying regular monthly airing on Georgia Public Radio.